In Tanzania Begins Tobacco Buying Season


In Tanzania, in Morogoro Region tobacco companies are expecting big sales of 1.04 million kilogrammes for Dark Fire Cured tobacco (DFC) and 29.93 million kilogrammes for Flue Cured Virginia (FCV) tobacco.

Alliance One Tobacco Tanzania Limited (AOTTL) says the buying season in Tanzania is only on the middle way and the produce that was already bought stands at 16.42 million kilogrammes for FCV tobacco and 0.06 million kilogrammes for DFC tobacco.

Alliance One representatives say they are concentrating this year on increasing efficiency in their mass production. They intend to build on the successes of last year when they produced an extra of 30 million kilogrammes of tobacco in Morogoro.

Besides this they said that the goals set each year by AOTTL agronomy experts do correspond to company growth and do satisfy international and local partners with quality and quantity.

Higher profits are reflected in the current average price per kilogramme of $2.40 for FCV, which overpasses the planned average price of $2.06.

In recent years Tanzania shows growth in tobacco farming thanks to the next improvements:
– increased productivity potential
– improved marketing transparency
– greater crop compliance
– effective production management
– organisation of smallholder farmer units into primary societies

The success also was provided by great partnership between all concerned parties in the tobacco farming industry of Tanzania.

Alliance One continues to be an important investor in Tanzania which annually pays state taxes and welcomes permanent developments in the country, especially the road networks because good road network helps to increase the company’s efficiencies.

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