In the USA Less People See Smoking as a Major Health Problem


Fifty years ago, in 1964, the U.S. Surgeon General released the report describing in details the effects of tobacco use on health. Since then, in the USA the number of smokers dropped significantly. Knowing about the negative effects of smoking, people understood that it is inacceptable in their society as it was in 20th century.

However, today some smokers do not want to refuse from their beloved habit in spite of health warnings. Recently, 546 smokers were asked about smoking. Here are the results:

58% of smokers were not honest about their smoking to friends and family;

54% have covered up their smoking habit because they find it embarrassing;

38% have lied about their smoking;

14% have lied because they didn’t want to seem unsuccessful due to failed attempts to quit;

51% told that biggest disadvantage of smoking is smoke that remains on their clothes, breath and in the house.

A study by Pew Research Center survey made in November 2013, showed that 53% of Americans see cigarette smoking as a very serious public health problem.

These days people see smoking as less serious problem than cancer and obesity, and less serious problem than it did in 2004 when 72% rated it as serious.

When asked about smoking progress achieved in the USA in 2013, 45% of respondents said it was, 39% said things were about the same, 13% said that efforts failed.

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