Italy Shows Good Results in Smoking Ban Enforcement


The Brussels-based Smoke Free Partnership (SFP) presented a report which described results of anti-smoking efforts in Italy as Good while German results as Limited. The talk is about smoking ban in bars, restaurants, public transport and offices.

Ten years ago, in January 2005, Italy banned smoking in indoor public spaces such as cafes, bars and nightclubs. Thus it became third country in Europe after Ireland and Norway to do this.

90% of Italian people say that the smoking bans are respected. Today in the country smoking is not allowed in restaurants, bars, workplaces, public transport. Enforcement officials make around 36,000 inspections annually and normally face only 2% of violations which result in fines.

However, in Germany the situation is oppose. Study by German Cancer Research Centre found that there are a lot of violations in hospitality sector. This occurs because a number of hospitality venues use exemptions to permit smoking.

In 2007 Germany introduced smoking ban only in public transport, but in the law were not included bars and restaurants. Also smoking is banned in all German work places with the exception of the hospitality sector.

Smokefree Map by SFP shows which European countries provide most effective protection from secondhand smoke and which countries show worst results in this. Thus countries with best results are Italy, Spain, Britain, and countries with worst results are Germany, Poland and the Netherlands.

Beatrice Lorenzin, the Italian Minister of Health, wants to expand the existing smoking ban to parks, beaches and stadiums. Today in Italy there are 11 million smokers and this number should be decreased.

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