Less Students Smoking in North Carolina

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Health officials in North Carolina revealed that in 2013 smoking rates among public high school and middle school students was significantly reduced. However, they are worried that more students do experiment with other tobacco products such as e-cigarettes, hookah, pipe, chewing tobacco. Among tobacco products students prefer slim menthol cigarettes most.

The research was made by N.C. Youth Tobacco Survey and it is made once in two years. In the research participated 4,092 high school students and 3,927 middle school students.

Researchers found that 13.5% of high school students in 2013 smoked at least once during a 30-day period. That is down from 15.5% in 2011. Previously National Youth Tobacco Survey found that 14% of high school students in 2012 told they are currently smoking.  Among middle school students the smoking rate dropped to 2.5% from 4.2% in 2011.

Today there are 20% of adult smokers in the USA and here the researchers talk about tendency of decline. Specialists say that tobacco smoking rate decline occurs due to the fact that young people use multiple tobacco products. 19.1% of students told they use two or more product types.

The report shows an increase by 7.7% of e-cigarettes use. 29.7% of high school students are current consumers of a tobacco product.

Researchers are worried with the obtained data, especially of increase in e-cigarettes use. E-cigarettes are trendy now, but few studies were made to find out their effects on human body.

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