Lindsay Lohan asked to quit smoking

Troubled American actress Lindsay Lohan, famous for her appearance as a child in Disney’s ‘The Parent Trap’ has been asked to stop smoking by her estranged father.

Linsday Lohan is smoking

Linsday Lohan is smoking

Lindsay is currently trying to overcome her addiction to drugs by staying at the Betty Ford Clinic in Rancho Mirage, California as the result of a recent court order.

Even though her father, Michael Lohan has been banned from visiting Lindsay at the rehab clinic he is still desperately trying to get his anti-smoking message across to the star.

It’s rumoured that he sent his daughter a care package while contained a smoking cessation device. He hopes that she at least tries to quit smoking for good using the electronic cigarette he’s provided.

The care package is also said to have contained over $8,000 worth of clothes.

Lindsay’s mother Dina has also pleaded with her daughter to give up smoking, for fears it could cause her to die.

This is because Lindsay, nicknamed by the press LiLo, suffers with respiratory disorder asthma. In January 06 she was hospitalised with a broken blood vessel, as the result of an attack. However, Lindsay continued to ignore her concerned parents’ pleas and continued with her wild party lifestyle.

She has also been caught on film holding and sucking nicotine lozenges and gum, in order to make it seem like she’s trying to quit smoking.

Fellow party pal Paris Hilton has also been photographed posing with the same brand of quit smoking products. There were rumours that the girls were secretly endorsing Ariva gum and lozenges, but both have denied this.

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