Louisiana Campaign for Tobacco-Free Living

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The Louisiana Campaign for Tobacco-Free Living program, supported by  Louisiana Public Health Institute and Louisiana Cancer Research Center, recently launched in Louisiana its new media campaign called “On the Move.”

The campaign will use advertising on the radio, internet and press to demonstrate the success of smoke-free initiatives throughout state of Louisiana. It is going to create a call-to-action for all Louisiana people to continue to promote protections from secondhand smoke.

The new “On the Move” campaign underscores more than 300 tobacco-free and smoke-free policy realizations throughout Louisiana, including smoke-free parks, hospitals and college campuses.

The main aim is to demonstrate the increasing people’s support of a smoke-free Louisiana and to find out opportunities to expand smoke-free environments across the state.

With ‘On the Move’ campaign the Tobacco-Free Living intends to inform people about smoke-free events in Louisiana and educate them about the importance of smoke-free policies that protect people from exposure to secondhand smoke. Today 79% people in Louisiana are non-smokers and a lot of businesses in Louisiana go smoke-free.

The aim of 2014 campaign is to show progress and support for Tobacco-Free Living and use the success to continue creating healthy environment for all Louisianians. The aim may achieved only in collaboration with schools, businesses, municipalities and citizens.

The Louisiana Campaign for Tobacco-Free Living along with the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals Tobacco Control Program work to reduce tobacco use by providing quit smoking programs, coordinating existing tobacco control initiatives and funding innovative community programs for tobacco control.

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