Don’t even think about lighting up, says Loveland school board

LOVELAND – The Loveland City Schools long has prohibited students and staff from lighting up in schools or in school vehicles such as buses.

Now, the prohibition has been extended to visitors such as parents, who will be warned the first time they are caught violating the policy and shown the door the second time.

The prohibition also has been extended to all school grounds.

“Prior to the passage of (these changes) there were just a few designated smoking areas in the district,” Meg Krsacok, communications coordinator for the Loveland City Schools, said.

Loveland school board

Loveland school board

“This included allowing individuals to smoke in their vehicles, which is no longer permitted.

“The bottom line is that the use of tobacco products is no longer permitted anywhere on school grounds – including inside vehicles parked on school property,” Krsacok said.

The policy declaring district property smoke-free applies to all tobacco products, not just cigarettes.

In other words, don’t suck on a cigar. Eschew chewing tobacco.

No puffing on a pipe. Snuff out the snuff.

The Loveland City Schools policy says the school board is committed to providing students, staff and visitors with a tobacco- and smoke-free environment.

“The negative health effects of tobacco use for both users and non-users, particularly in connection with second-hand smoke, are well established,” the policy says.

“Further, providing a non-smoking and tobacco-free environment is consistent with the responsibilities of teachers and staff to be our positive role models for students.”

Said Chad Hilliker, director of human resources for the Loveland City Schools:

“The total ban of tobacco products on our campuses sends a clear message that we are striving to model healthy choices for our students.”

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