Macon smoking ban

Last week strict limitations on smoking were falsified at Macon City Council committee. They won’t be on Tuesday’s council agenda. Strange and disorderly reasoning in an Ordinances and Resolutions Committee meeting Monday, half-joking menace to combust “cow poop incense” on the floor of the council, may lead it to another committee discussion.

smoke free sign

smoke free sign

He continued to hold forth against the ordinance, which went freely through the Public Safety committee last week and evidently has enough supporters to pass a full council vote.

Cranford said that Big Brother has no need to be looking over everybody’s shoulder. Some bar proprietor said him that the suggestion will fail their business and clientage will go to another city.

Similar to the ban that came into force on January, 1 in Savannah, the suggested law would prohibit smoking in public places such as restaurants and bars, exclusive of particularized outdoor places. The law as well intends to forbid smoking in hotel rooms and medical establishments, but would exclude rooms of private hospitals and first-class cigar stores.

Cranford undervalued the decree as “optimistic” legislation, and underestimated healthcare questions. He said that he had already quitted smoking cigarettes, but developed throat cancer three years ago.

He added that he had a right to complain, but he would not do this.

Charles Jones, councilman, said the pass of the bans would be “absurd” unless Bibb County follows the lead. Jones said that police have a lot of work without pursuing smoking infringements.

Henry Ficklin, councilman, said that someone called him, someone who maintains the ban, but wants an exemption for electronic cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes give a dosage of nicotine to the smoker, and evolve vapor, but no carcinogenic smoke.

Lauren Benedict, councilwoman and one of the bill’s co-sponsors, said an exemption for electronic cigarettes would complicate the coming into force of the ban, as electronic cigarettes are much like the real thing.

Cranford and Council President Pro Tempore James Timley, who preside the meeting, said the concerned business proprietors had not been included in work on the decree.

Lauren Benedict said that it has been greatly advertised as it passed through committee. Benedict said that many of the issues raised Monday had been solved in committee, but those who protested Monday had not come for those debates.

Two confused votes to examine the decree or send it to committee failed, but ultimately only Lauren Benedict and Miriam Paris, Council President, voted to put it on Tuesday’s council agenda. The final destiny of the ordinance is unclear.

Council was set to endorse the long-debated deal on public service delivery division between Macon and Bibb County, but Mayor Robert Reichert came in to say that one exhibit in the thick document was not yet ready to send to the state.

Reichert requested two weeks, and the committee was in agreement to adjourn it until the next Ordinances and Resolutions Committee meeting.

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