Manteca City to Allow Hookah Lounges


Manteca city in California led the drive in the state in 70s to ban the sale of cigarettes from vending machines available to kids wants to make hookah lounges legal.

This week the Manteca Planning Commission will make its decision on smoking of flavored tobacco practice in special areas. The change will also permit any lounge or seating area where patrons smoke to use their clients all kinds of smoking products that contain tobacco or don’t. It means clients may use not only hookah, but also cigarettes, cigars, e-cigarettes and even pipes.

The propsal came from Jimmy Nagi who wants to open an outdoor hookah lounge in conjunction with his restaurant. At the moment such a use is prohibited by the state law and therefore a change is need. The state law allows to use tobacco in various zones specifically listed in municipal ordinances.

The city authorities say they will permit hookah lounges and this will not affect the environment.

According to the new initiarive, hookah lounges and other smoking establishments will be permitted in commercial mixed use and general commercial zones.

Forty years ago, Manteca was the first city in state of California and one of the first in the USA to prohibit the sale of cigarettes from vending machines where they could be bought by children. The proposal came from  Trena Kelley who was the first woman ever to serve either on the city council or as mayor.  When parents found out that kids buy cigarettes from vending machines they showed their support for the law.

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