Massachusetts: No Smoking at CCHC Facilities

Smoking Woman

Starting from January, 2015, smoking no longer will be allowed at Falmouth Hospital, Cape Cod Hospital, and other Cape Cod Healthcare (CCHC) facilities.

At the beginning of the current week CCHC declared that starting from the next year, all health facilities on Cape Cod will be tobacco free.

Michael Lauf, CCHC President & CEO, was asked about the new anti-smoking policy. He answered that the idea to ban smoking in hospitals came naturally as these facilities do promote health and smoking has a little to do with that. Here people get primary help and get treatments for their diseases, therefore healthcare facilities must provide best service for people and be an example of healthy lifestyle. Today smoking causes a number of diseases that can be prevented.

Smoking is already prohibited inside hospitals and the new policy extends the ban to outside areas of them. The ban touches not only regular cigarettes but also other tobacco products containing nicotine, such as electronic cigarettes.

Starting from January 1, next year, patients together with hospital employees, doctors, volunteers, visitors will also be demanded to conform to the new tobacco-free policy.
According to a CCHC release, those who will be caught smoking or using other tobacco products on hospital grounds, will be asked politely to stop it and will get an informational card.

In order to inform people about smoke-free policy, on hospitl grounds there will be established no-smoking signs.

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