Menthol Cigarettes Are Popular Among Teens

Smoking Woman

It is not a secret that long-term smoking cigarettes puts health at risk. Moreover, studies showed that secondhand and thirdhand smokes also may affect human’s health.

In spite of all that information about smoking risks, many people continue to smoke and do not want to refuse from their favorite habit which helpes them to get rid of stress.

Tobacco companies are working hardly to keep existing smokers and attract newest ones. How? Yeah, by creating new cool cigarettes with amazing tastes, like Kiss Mohito.

A study by the University of Waterloo demonstrated that teenagers are attracted by the taste of menthol cigarettes. Menthol cigarettes do provide a cooling effect in throat so that a smoker does not feel harsh taste of tobacco. Only pleasant coolness. The study reveals that teenagers who smoke menthols do smoke much more cigarettes every day in comparison with teens who smoke regular cigarettes. Previously a study found that menthol cigarettes are connected to increased nicotine addiction among young people in Canada.

The author of the study, Azagba, told that the appeal which menthol cigarettes has among young people comes from the belief that they are not as harmful as regular cigarettes. In fact, they have same effects on body as regular no-menthol cigarettes do.

The study found that teens who prefered menthold smoked 43 cigarettes daily compared to 26 cigarettes smoked by non-menthol users. Most menthol smokers told that they are going to continue to smoke in the next year.

High popularity of menthols among young people arises serious concerns. It may reduce to nothing progress achieved last years in reducing smoking among youth.

Azagba says these findings show that young people who use menthol cigarettes is a serious concern. Here new laws are needed which would ban flavors in tobacco products.

The journal Cancer Causes and Control writes that menthol cigarette smoking is associated with nicotine dependence.

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