Will I miss the cigarettes and smoking?

The answer is NO and YES.

If you achieve to stop smoking with the right frame of mind, you will feel free and you will not ever feel the need for a cigarette because you will have learned that the former craving was fictitious and that it cannot really relieve your stress or solve your problems.

Free of smoking life

Free of smoking life

But sometimes you may have the temptation to smoke a cigarette in some special occasions. After a meal or drinking a cup (where it is allowed, every day the tobacco forbid is more extended). Just don’t do it! It’s not worth. You have successfully quited smoking and you have no itch to relieve. It’s only a reflex of recently discontinued habits.

Just ignore it. If you do it, you will be jeopardizing your nice non-smoking condition for nothing.

Another temptation moments are when we are in a smoke charged ambient.

But don’t worry. It goes fast.

Just enjoy your cup and your company and forget about the nicotine. If you get irritable, nervous and start craving for nicotine, just get out and take a breath of fresh air.

If the situation turns unsupportable, it’s better to go to another place or even going home. Don’t destroy what you built with so much effort. Within the time, you will gain experience and you will be better prepared to immerse in this places.

Now you are learning to forget tobacco, living without it. But i’m pretty sure that you have another concern in your mind: How will I prevent from getting fat after quit smoking.

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