Most of Cruise Passengers Want Smoking Ban on Liner Balconies

Cruise Liner

A new research in the UK found that a great number of British travellers who go in cruises on a regular basis do support a ban on passengers being able to smoke on their balconies in cabin.

During a survey conducted by website Cruise Critic was found that 54% of respondents say that smoking on balconies should be banned. The poll asked 579 respondents for their opinions. 24% said that smoking should be banned in all areas of cruise liners and only 18% of respondees are against smoking ban on balconies, explaining that a cigarette is a personal choice.

The survey came exactly in time when smoking ban on the sea is seriously discussed. This week leading cruise operator Royal Caribbean banned smoking on the balconies of its ships. The order comes into action fromĀ  1 January 2014 and the penalty charge will be $250.

Smoking is already prohibited inside all staterooms on Royal Caribbean vessels and in public zones except for casinos. Royal Caribbean followed similar anti-tobacco decisions taken by rival operators.

For example, Cunard and Seabourn banned smoking in particular areas on their ships in August 2013, and P&O Cruises and Disney Cruise Line did the same last month. However, Carnival and Norwegian Cruise Line still permits smoking on balconies.

Some passengers welcome this practice conducted in the privacy of their cabins, but other passengers do complain on cigarettes smoke entering into neighbouring rooms. Adam Coulter, the UK editor of Cruise Critic says smoking on board cruise ships is a highly debated and contentious issue within the cruise industry.

He considers that many more cruise lines will introduce strict regulations towards smoking, but it is important to take into consideration and smoker;s opinion.

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