Most Smokers Have Tried To Quit Smoking Several Times In Their Lives

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A new survey reveals that most smokers tried to quit at least once in their life.

Researchers from Gallup found that just 12% of smokers have never tried to quit smoking cigarettes. In the meantime, 40% have tired to quit one or two times in their lives, 41% have tried to quit 3 – 10 times, and 4% have tried to more than 10 times.

The data obtained in the survey shows that smokers in general are engaged in a habit they wish to get rid of. An average smoker tried to quit smoking at least three times in his life. This information is described in details in the report presented by researchers.

The survey was made in July 2013 in the USA and includes phone interviews with 2,027 adults and  revealed that 3 out of 3 smokers would like to quit.
During the survey there were defined most common strategies smokers use to try to quit smoking.

Almost 48% said that they used method of cold turkey, deciding that it was perfect time to stop smoking. 8% said that they used willpower to get rid of this habit, while 6% said they relied on friends and family support.

5% told they used a nicotine patch to quit, and another 5% said that smoking related diseased made them quit smoking, 4% said that they started to avoid other smokers, 3% said they used chewing gum, candy and lozenges to quit, and 3% said they used e-cigarettes. Less popular methods included cutting down smoking until eventually quitting, using prescription medications, hypnosis. nicotine gum.

As for the reasons why smokers decided to quit smoking,  the most popular reason was health. Other reasons included high cigarettes prices and loss of desire to smoke

A recent research made in Australia showed that putting plain wrapping with huge health warnings on the cigarettes packs seems to help make them less attractive to smokers. That research examined smokers opinion toward cigarettes after a law came into action in Australia requiring plain packaging for all tobacco products.

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