New Anti-Smoking Campaign in Hamilton County

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Hamilton County, Tennessee, in cooperation with state health officials launched an anti-smoking campaign which will inform people about the effects on kids of secondhand smoke exposure.

During the campaign there will be placed large billboards throughout Southeast Tennessee.  Health officials said that in the course of the campaign they want to encourage parents not to smoke in presence of kids in enclosed spaces.

Southeast Region Health Office Spokesperson Beth Delaney says that secondhand smoke puts kids at risk for a number of health problems such as respiratory infections, asthma, ear infections.

Smokers oppose any anti-smoking initiative and say that by such laws government wants to control the society. However, they support the idea that children should be protected from secondhand smoke exposure.

According to Tobacco Settlement Coordinator Janie Burley, the new initiativ is not against smokers. It only says that if you want to smoke, please choose a convenient place for it. Do not do it in presence of children and other people.

Heavy smoker Gerald Mason personally knows the risk of secondhand smoke.  Several years ago he smoked cigarettes in his car in presence of his kids, With time, one of his oldest sons started to suffer from a respiratory disease. This made him finally quit smoking. However, the habit affected his health too and now he suffers from a lung disease.

Now he educates parents about the effects of secondhand smoke exposure and says that billboards will help to increase awareness.

Data shows that Tennessee has higher rates of tobacco use than other state in the USA, which contributes to bad health.  It should be said that new anti-smoking campaign targets also thirdhand smoke.

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