New Law Will Raise Cost of Cigarettes in Minnesota


From July 1 in Minnesota, a new law will come into action making per-pack tax on cigarettes raise by $1.60. This tax increase will increase the average price of a pack of cigarettes from about $6 to $7.50 per pack. That is the only tax cigarettes increase in the USA that happens this year It will move Minnesota from 28th to 6th in the national rank for cigarette taxation.

A research revealed that high prices of tobacco help greatly to lower both adult and kids smoking.

Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids a claims that raising the per-pack price by $1.60 will prevent more than 47,700 children from becoming addicted in older age and help more than 36,600 current smokers in Minnesota to stop smoking. Besides this, higher price on cigarettes will save Minnesota citizens more than $1.65 billion in long-term health care costs

David Willoughby, Chief Executive Officer of ClearWay Minnesota (nonprofit organization which acts on reducing tobacco’s harm in Minnesota), considers many people who smoke cigarettes will accept this initiative as a perfect time to quit smoking forever.

In order to save theor money, people will refuse from this bad habit. He said that people who want to quit smoking may get support from QUITPLAN Services. They provide not only free counseling but free nicotine patches, lozenges and gums for all those who want to quit smoking. QUITPLAN Services was launched in 2001 and since then it has helped more than 20,000 smokers from Minnesota to successfully get rid of their habit.

Price increases on cigarettes in Minnesota that took place in past, have shown that higher price is a good motivation for smokers to quit. When the 2009 federal tax increase on cigarettes came into action, QUITPLAN Services saw a great increase in seeking for help through the phone and web programs.

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