New Orleans is Going Smoke-Free

Smoking Man

Smoking in casions and bars will no longer be allowed in New Orleans, the city where drinking alcohol and hassel on streets are a normal thing.

Starting from April 21 in the city is in effect a new legislation which prohibits use of tobacco in gambling halls, bars and a number of other public spaces such as private clubs, workplaces, hotels, shopping malls.

The City Council passed the smoking ban in January and Mayor Mitch Landrieu¬† signed it into a law. The supportes of the ban claim that it will help to imprive health of city’s residents and prevent them from smoking-related diseases. In the state of Louisiana totally are 25% adult smokers.

New Orleans residents could hardly imagine that the city may fight with smoking with so serious methods as the city is famous for laissez-faire attitude. The new ban includes not only regular cigarettes but also electronic ones.

Glenn O’Berry, a 66-year-old bartender at Kajun’s Pub, is a smoker. He told that many US cities adopted such bans long ago and it would be hard to imagine that New Orleand would also do such a step.

Glenn O’Berry tells that he moved to the city back in 1976 from Virginia. He was glad to see the freedom and tolerance in the city and was just happy to live here. He confesses he used to drink alcohol on the street. He fell in New Orlens at first sight. The new smoking ban puts New Orleans in line with other American cities and destroys this well-known sensation of freedom.

The ban passed despite opposition of numerous bar owners and Harrah’s New Orleans, the largest city’s casino. They even issued a lawsuit in order to slow down the process of smoking ban adoption. Bar owners say that with ban their income will drop by 20%. However, anti-smoking activists say that businesses would not be affected.

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