New York Reports Record Low Smoking Rate

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Governor Andrew Cuomo told at the beginning of the week that smoking rates in New York among young people and adults show a record decline.

In the past four years, smoking rate among students in high school was reduced by 42% to 7.3% of young people who said they use cigarettes.

In 2014, smoking rate among aduts was 14.5% in comparision with national average of 17.8 percent.

Cuomo is happy that New York reports lowest smoking rate in its history and says that the state becomes healthier.

This drop occured due to tougher anti-smoking efforts that New York implemented in past years. For example, it launched an anti-smoking campaign to encourage smokers to quit. Besides this, it increased significantly cigarette taxes.

In 2014, the New York Public Interest Research Group in a study revealed that tobacco companies were spending more money to lobby against severe anti-smoking laws in New York. At the same time the state has cut funding for tobacco-control programs.

Today, New York has a tax of $4.35 per cigarette package and this is highest tax across the nation. New York City has its own $1.50 tax per package. Experts from Tax Foundation, a fiscally conservative, Washington D.C.-based group consider that this is the main reason for increase of illegal tobacco production in the state.

Health experts say that there is a need to increase funding for quit smoking programs.

According to Cuomo, the state Department of Health has got nearly $10 million in federal aid which will help to expand its program. The biggest part of money will go to a five-year tobacco control plan. The plan includes issues on advertising, treatment from nicotine dependence and education campaign.

New York will also receive money for a campaign to fight smoking among poor layers of society.

Most present smokers confess that they started smoking in their young age, therefore New York puts its efforts to discourage young people from using cigarettes.

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