No More Smoking in Bars in Sulphur City

Smoking in Bar

Smokers in the city of Sulphur, Louisiana, would have soon fewer spaces to light up as city authorities want to ban smoking in casions and bars.

Resident Randy Hebert says that smokers do not have right to smoke but instead all people have right to breathe fresh air. He considers that people allowed to be controlled by smokers.

At the beginning of the week the Sulphur City Council introduced changes into existing  Smoke Free Air Ordinance. Those changes include use of cigarettes and smoking devices in bars and casinos. The change imposes a ban of use of cigarettes and e-cigarettes in those places.

Councilman Randy Favre  does not support the idea of banning e-cigarettes in casions because they are not regulated. CDC classifies them as a tobacco product. According to Favre, many studies were done in order to find out effects on health of e-cigarettes but up to date none of them provides the exact data on potential health risks, therefore it is early to talk about their danger and regulation.

People supporting the chage say that the city goes into right direction and people will have healthy environments on their workplaces.

Chubby Carrier, who won  Grammy Award, told that smoking is not good and he saw how his friends suffered from smoking related diseases. Secondhand smoke is especially dangerous and he noted that annually at least one musician dies from its effects. Besides this smoking in bars affects bar owners, bar workers, musicians and non-smoking visitors. It is quite hard for him to work in a bar where smoking is allowed, therefore he welcomes the ban.

In the state of Louisiana other cities already passed such a law. For example, Alexandria. Roosevelt Johnson, Alexandria City Councilman, told they faced a strong opposition at the beginning but with time everyone got used to the change.

Council members in  Sulphur City  passed nanimously passed the new change. It comes into effect in 30 days and businesses will have 60 days to apply it.

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