No Smoking on New Jersey Beaches

Smokers on the Beach

Jessica Adams dislikes when someone smokes cheapest cigarettes behind her on the beach. In an interview she told that tobacco smoke makes her belch. She loves to rest on the beach but often seems tobacco smoke even of smoker os not right behind her.

Laura Cross expresses a different opinion. She says that she is attentive and always watches who is around her. There is a lot of room for smokers on the beach, and she considers it would never do to prohibit smoking there.

Today New Jersey is considering smoking ban on public beaches. The state legislature proposed to prohibit smoking totally at all public beaches in state, and to permit towns to set aside 15% of their beaches as smoking zones.  The bill will adopted in case the Governor Chris Christie signs it.

In the state of New Jersey such towns as Long Branch, Belmar,  Ocean Grove,  Spring Lake, Seaside Heights already banned smoking on the beaches. Also Upper Township, Cape May County and Sunset Beach in Lower Township prohibit smoking.  Such cities as Spring Lake, Belmar, Seaside Heights and Ocean City banned smoking on boardwalks.

According to the American Nonsmokers’ Rights Foundation, across the USA totally 200 coastal communities banned smoking on beaches. Among them are county beaches in Hawaii, New York, Los Angeles; local becahes in Delaware, California, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Georgia, North and South Carolina, New Hampshire;  state beaches in Maine.

The new anti-smoking law in New Jersey aims to reduce not only exposure to secondhand smoke, but also litter and fire risks. People caught violating it will have to pay a $250 fine for a first offense, increasing to up to $1,000 for repeated violations.

However, in the law is not indicated who is going to enforce it. In case the Governor Chris Christie signs the bill, it comes into effects in 180 days right after it.

It was estimated that 85% of adults in New jersey are non-smokers and 70% of smokers want to quit. So the new anti-smoking initiative is widely welcomed.

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