No Smoking Policy At Lodges


For many years, lodges for various charitable and social organizations were famous for their softly lighted barrooms where people could not only drink and eat while discussing an issue with someone but also smoke a cigarette.

With smoking bans in such public places as hospitals and airlines, these rooms also began to prohibit smoking.

For example, the representative of Venice Moose Lodge 1308 said that 4 years ago its members approved  smoking ban in its main hall.  The administrator of lodge said that this made not only the indoor air more clear and fresh but attracted many new members!

Originally, almost 200 to 300 discontented members quit.

The senior regent for the lodge’s 1,700 female members, Pat Frazier, said the smokers said that he initiative is so bad that the lodge would have soon to close its doors. However, in reality occured instead — its membeship has grown significantly.

After there was spread an information that smokers from lodge moved to smoke in patio, the number of members in the organisation was increased from about 1,300 to almost 4,000.

Birk said that they new members still come in their organisation. In 2012 there came 400 new people!  Holly Hollfelder, a newly came 85-year-old member who joined this week said that he smoked last time 20 years ago and during this period he did not take a cigarette in his hand. He suffers from COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease)  and is on oxygen. Now he wants to socialize but cannot stand even secondhand smoke.

Since the lodge adopted the no smoking policy, Birk said that the place smells better and the food tastes better.

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