Novelty from Reynolds American

Reynolds American

In conditions when countries worldwide do adopt stricter smoking regulations, Big Tobacco tries to invent new products to make them safier in order to not lose its clients.

Reynolds American made an announcement last week that the company plans to  launch a new product called Revo, that is a safe cigarette that heats tobacco instead of burning it. Similar product already has Philip Morris International and they announced about it earlier this year.

Yogi Berra, the Hall-of-Fame New York Yankee catcher, could say that such a product appears on the market for the second time in history, because two decades ago it was launched for the first time and it had no success among smokers. It was quite complicated for smokers to use it and they preferred mostly tobacco cigarettes.

In e-cigarettes tobacco is heated instead of being burned, and the smoker inhales a nicotine-infused vapor rather than a cloud of tobacco smoke. Revo appears as a competitor to e-cigarettes but it has a distinction – it feels and looks more like real cigarette. Many smokers dislike e-cigarettes saying they want the taste of real tobacco and Revo is going to satisfy their needs.

The manufacturer says that Revo is a safe cigarette and this statement is certainly appears attrective for smokers. However, e-cigarettes were also advertised as safe ones but numerous studies demonstrated that they are not safe. And now we should not flatter ourselves with the novelty and just wait what experts will say about Revo after its launch and researches.

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