Ocean City Considers Smoking Ban on Beaches


Officials in Ocean City, Maryland, voted last week to a draft a law restricting smoking cigarettes on the beach and boardwalk starting from May 1, 2015.

The ordinance passed with a 4-3 vote. Accrding to the proposed law, on the beaches and along the boardwalk there will be created special designated areas for smokers to light up.

Police will enforce the law. It will ask smoker to butt out, and in case he continues to smoke, the policeman will impose a fine ranging from $25 to $1,000. The law imposes ban on all tobacco products except e-cigarettes.

According to Jessica Waters, Ocean City communications manager, the main goal of the law is to reduce cigarettes litter on the beahces in order to keep them clean. Today  society goes green and wants to live in a healthy environment. Certainly, protection of people of secondhand smoke played not a last role in the decision. At the same, the law did not forget about smokers by creating designated zones for them. Everyone should be satified.

In June current year, on the Ocean City website visitors could express their opinion on smoking ban proposal. Totally there were received 37 comments and among them 30 were for the ban and 7 against it. Besides this, Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Association conducted a survey and found that 60% of respondents favored smoking regulations.

On the beaches there will be placed no-smoking signs to inform visitors about the ban. It was estimated that the smoking ban will cost the city from $17,000 to $20,000.

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