Ontario to Ban Smoking on Bar and Restaurant Patios


Deb Matthews, the Health Minister of Canada announced last week that Ontario’s authorities plan to ban smoking not only on all restaurant and bar patios but at sports fields and playgrounds as well. According to Matthews, the owners of bars and restaurants say that they are aware that most people don’t want to be exposed to secondhand smoke on patios.

She told about a number of measures to lower Ontario’s smoking rate.

It was estimated that around 70% of Ontarians actually support smoking ban on patios as they like to sit outside on a patio, but dislike to be surrounded by tobacco smoke.

The Ontario Restaurant, Hotel and Motel Association says that it is abd that the government didn’t consult the businesses before announcing the patio ban as this may cause fear among some business owners that they will lose clients.

According to association CEO Tony Elenis, smokers will have to go outside near the patio and smoke cigarettes at peope passing by who are not expecting a tobacco smoke. With the existing regulations, customers and businesses have a choice.

NDP health critic France Gelinas considers that people must be ready to defend this to many people who will push back, and experience demonstrates that when there is a push back they disappear into the forest.

Besides this, in Ontario will be prohibited tobacco sales on university and college campuses and increased fines for stores that sell cigarettes to teenagers and children. Moreover, there will be banned all sales of fruit-flavoured tobacco products. According to the Heart and Stroke Foundation, such flavours encourage young people to become smokers.

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