Novelty from Reynolds American

In conditions when countries worldwide do adopt stricter smoking regulations, Big Tobacco tries to invent new products to make them safier in order to not lose its clients. Reynolds American made an More »

France Adopts Stricker Anti-Tobacco Laws

France, where not only famous worldwide Gauloises cigarettes brand was created but the word ”cigarettes” itself, now wants to introduce strictest anti-smoking laws in the world. Brand names along with bright colors More »

China is Largest Cigarettes Consumer in the World

Euromonitor International, the Global market research company, released this week its latest report on the tobacco industry worldwide. Tobacco industry is world’s most valuable rapidly moving consumer goods industry. Totalling globally US$800 More »

Alberta To Ban Menthol Cigarettes

In spite of anti-smoking policy that these days is into effect in Alberta that was introduced to protect young people from negative effects of smoking, tobacco use  is still the leading cause More »

Over 57,000 Ontario Young People Use Flavoured Tobacco Products

A recent study conducted in Canada showed that over 57,000 young people from Ontario used flavoured tobacco products in 2010-2011. This data made coalition of major Ontario health agencies call for a More »


New York Reports Record Low Smoking Rate

Smoking Young Girl

Governor Andrew Cuomo told at the beginning of the week that smoking rates in New York among young people and adults show a record decline. In the past four years, smoking rate among students in high school was reduced by

South Florida Banned Smoking in Apartments


If you plan to go this summer to South Florida and rent there an apartment, you should be aware that smoking is no longer allowed inside the housing buildings. Gradually apartment managers in the region make some properties free of

Alberta Banned Menthol Tobacco Products


Dr. James Talbot, chief medical officer of health in Alberta province, Canada, welcomes the government’s new proposal to prohibit tobacco products with menthol because they attract young people to start smoking. He together with the Canadian Cancer Society and other

Reynolds American Buys Lorillard


At the end of last week Reynolds American Inc told it won the antimonopolistic approval which makes it possible to purchase its rival Lorillard. As a results of the business deal the tobacco company will enter into possession of top-selling

Smoking Rates Increased in Some US States

Elegant Smokers

Latest study by US government reveals that smoking rates in half of American states continue to lower. However, some states show an increase in smoking rates. Most of all researchers are worried that smokers combine different kinds of tobacco, for

Teen Smoking Declining in the USA

Smoking Teen

Use of tobacco among teens and kids in Southwest Colorado is highest in the USA when compared to other states. Generally smoking among youth in the USA is declining since 2002 and health experts are happy with this. Data presented

Amherst Raises to 21 Age to Buy Tobacco


Starting from August 15, 2015, people younger than 21 will no longer be able to buy cigarettes in local stores in the city of Amherst, Massachusetts. Chairwoman Nancy Gilbert told that last week the Board of Health unanimously voted for

Smoking Ban not Enforced Yet in Malaysia

Smoking in Bar

The Health Ministry of Malaysia told last week that smoking ban at all dining establishments in the entire country, including outdoor spaces withot air-conditioning, will be not implemented in the nearest future because curently this is nothing but a suggestion.

Activists in Augusta Push for Tougher Smoking Ordinance

No Smoking

Anti-smoking activists in Augusta, Georgia, are preparing to promote again a tougher smoking ordinance in the city. Last week, on Thursday, members of the BreathEasy Coa­lition presented new advertisment promoting smoke-free air in the city. They provided some recommendations regarding

Italy Shows Good Results in Smoking Ban Enforcement


The Brussels-based Smoke Free Partnership (SFP) presented a report which described results of anti-smoking efforts in Italy as Good while German results as Limited. The talk is about smoking ban in bars, restaurants, public transport and offices. Ten years ago,