Parks to Become Smoke-Free in New Heaven, CT


Soon smokers in New Heaven, Connecticut, will not be allowed to light up their cigarette in Edgewood or East Shore Park and will have to move to other places to have their smoke break. Why? Because city’s Board of Alders is discussing the possibility to ban use of all kinds of tobacco in such public places as parks, school grounds and a number of other designated city-owned properties.

According to Downtown Alder Abby Roth, today it is permitted to smoke cigarettes on school grounds. However, it is evident that tobacco use should be banned here in order to protect kids from secondhand smoke. She added they are working on their municipal authority to promote public health.

Abby Roth together with Westville Alder Adam Marchand and Fair Haven Alder Santiago Berrios Bones told on the meeting at the beginning of the week that it is necessary to organize public hearings before voting to know resident’s opinions on the subject.

Harp Administration says that the proposed ordinance will help to make New Haven an important step towards becoming a smoke-free city.

Martha Okafor, city community services administrator,¬† claims that city data shows that smoking-related diseases are one of main causes of resident’s deaths. Therefore, at the end of 2014, Mayor Toni Harp told that reduction of rate of smoking-related diseases is a priority of city authorities. In order to fight smoking, the city will provide quit smoking programs, education for kids and teens about smoking, and informative resources for adults about secondhand smoke effects. Here a big role will play creation of more smoke-free spaces in the city.

Mayors agrees that smokers have their right to smoke but their habit should not affect  people behind them.

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