Philip Morris International

Philip Morris Inc

Philip Morris International is a worldwide known cigarette producer. The tobacco company has one of the greatest shares of tobacco manufacturing in the world. Philip Morris, the founder of the tobacco company, formed his company in 1847. The first tobacco store was opened in London. TA that time he just imported cigarettes, but was not dealing with their manufacturing.

Everything has changed when the company‚Äôs products began to be in growing demand and the company significantly expanded. At the beginning of the 20th century it conquered USA market. First US tobacco factory of Philip Morris was based and bought in Richmond. The process of integration had been started on the Richmond tobacco factory earlier in 1940’s. The tobacco company provided good care about its employees and used only high quality tobacco. In line with this, the tobacco company created innovative ways of tobacco manufacturing. The whole thing quickly increased the demand and accordingly the sales of the produced cigarettes.

Today, Philip Morris Company uses the good old traditions of tobacco producing, applying the finest tobacco blends for the production of their tobacco products. Innovative ways are applied to satisfy the growing demand in the high quality tobacco. New blends and mixture expends the line of the Philip Morris products.

Philip Morris reached worldwide success not only due to its fine quality tobacco products and attractive advertising campaigns in the past, but also by the fact that Philip Morris is the official sponsor of motorsport events. The company funded such motorsport events as Formula One.

The most well-known and famous tobacco product of Philip Morris is Marlboro cigarettes. This cigarette brand is estimated to be legendary. Marlboro is the face of Philip Morris. The line of Marlboro cigarettes consists of a large variety of Marlboro types: Black, Gold, Menthol lines are just some of them.

Undoubtedly, the tobacco products of Philip Morris are very popular and beloved worldwide. However, not only Marlboro cigarette brand is the reason of popularity and success of Philip Morris. The tobacco company produces as well such cigarette brands as Parliament, Virginia Slims, Chesterfield and many others.

The last innovation that has been added to the production line of the Philip Morris is certainly Marlboro Gold Touch and Marlboro Gold Fine Touch. These cigarettes are represented as slim cigarettes of king size suggesting two varieties of mild flavor. They are packed in elegant packs, contributing to unique and modern design.

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