Real Smoking Ban in Cuba

Cuban Cigars

Cuba is awaiting a real ban on smoking. This year August, Australia enacted a strict legislation against tobacco products. Now cigarette makers companies do not have the right to place logos or designs of their brands on cigarette packs. All the cigarette packets must be olive green and have visible warning labels about the effects caused by smoking.

Now, in Australia, the tobacco companies that they want to be sold should accept 75% part of the front of the packs and 90% of the rear display pictures of mouths affected by cancer, blinded eyes and sick children.

Cuban tobacco is still the dominator on the world market. Tobacco factories continue give updates on the productivity.  Cuban tobacco products are available both rolled by hand and manufactured by machines.

Cuban cigars are made by special techniques and the sales of these cigars have increased by 11% since 2011. Romeo y Juliet tobacco store can sell cigars on a million dollars worth in a year. The Habanos Corporacion SA made an announcement that sales in 2011 increased by 9%, which generated income of $401 million for the Cuba’s economy.

It’s not enough to just exclude cigarettes and cigars from the list of rationed goods or to raise the prices on them to that of the free market, as these move are taking into consideration only the economy, not the environment or people’s health.

Though there exist authorities in Cuba that control or ban smoking in public places, it’s common to see doctors smoking in hospital corridors, teachers in schools, drivers and passengers on buses, and service workers on their jobs.

It might be difficult to reach the effect in Cuba what was done in Australia, and not exactly because of refusal of the color olive green.

Smoking ban will include the following measures:

– indoor smoking ban

– ban on the retail sale of packs of fewer than 20 cigarettes

– ban on sales to minors (those under 18 years of age)

– probation of tobacco products price hikes

– ban on all forms of tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship of tobacco products in Cuba

– ban on the sale of tobacco products in health, educational and sports facilities

– to have obligatory “graphic” warning labels one of the main sides of cigarette packs sold in Cuba

– stop the free supply of cigarettes or at discount prices for state agencies

–  maximum rates of tar at 10 mg./cigarette, nicotine 1 mg./ cigarette and carbon monoxide at 10 mg./ cigarette for cigarettes sold in Cuba

– impose strict penalties for violations


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