Reynolds American Adopts No Smoking Policy

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Famous tobacco company Reynolds American Inc. wants to ban smoking at workplaces in all its facilities and branches. The policy now is being developed and last week workers were told about the upcoming changes.

According to spokesmanDavid Howard, the anti-smoking policy will prohibit use of regular cigarettes, pipes, cigars inside offices, conference rooms, lifts, hallways. It will be applied to absolutely all tompany’s workers.

However, there will be allowed use of e-cigarettes, snuf, moist snuff, heat-not-burn cigarettes.

Howard said that in the next years the company wants to move traditional smoking to designated areas. They consider that company’s policy update is very expected measure and a needed step this days. Now is the best time for adopting and enforcing it. Most visitors to the company’s facilities will appreciate the measure.

Previously, Reynolds American already banned smoking at downtown Winston-Salem headquarters, because it was demanded by those who visited its shareholder meeting which takes place once a year.

Bridgette Ware considers it is a right step because it would never do to smoke inside of  every building.

Robert Scott welcomes the initiave saying it is healthy.

Reynolds American is tobacco company number two in the USA after Philip Morris. Totally the company has 5,200 workers and among them there are 20% smokers. It reflects the same persentage of adult smoker in the country.

Today it is a very normal thing to ban smoking at workplaces in order to protect employees from secondhand smoke exposure. The trend becomes popular in the USA as health became an important issue for everyone.

On Reynolds American facilities there will be created designated areas for amokers so that they could feel themselves comfortable.

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