Russia to ban smoking in cafes, restaurants and clubs

Smoke Exhaling

Smoking ban in public places, such as bars, restaurants and clubs, will be introduced in Russia starting July 1, 2014. The ban on the cigarettes sale in kiosks will become operational this spring.

The State Duma Committee on Health accepted 30 changes to the anti-smoking law from the earlier proposed 169. MPs did not accept the changes expanding the list of public areas where smoking should be banned. The question is about railway stops, platforms and personal transport. The proposal to prohibit smoke near children did not go through either.

Nevertheless, deputies prohibited smoking in medical, sports, educational and cultural places. The State Duma will pass the second reading to anti-smoking bill at the end of January.

The bill also supposes the implementation of price and tax measures, establishes obligations for packaging and labeling of tobacco products and demands companies should reveal the components of tobacco products.

Noteworthy, 50-60 Russian men are heavy smokers. Regarding Russian women, one in ten women is a cigarette smoker.

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