Russian anti-tobacco bill may be approved by State Duma in 2013

Smoking Ban

The anti-tobacco bill may be implemented in the first reading by the State Duma after the New Year as instead of in December, Vice Speaker Igor Lebedev told on November 28.

The Duma made the decision to carefully examine the anti-tobacco bill in agreement with regulatory requirements, so that the Constitutional Court will not be able to cancel out the conclusion in the future.

Mass media revealed on November 28 that the bill’s decision may be delayed until January 2013. Nevertheless, the deputies before indicated that the legislative step may pass the first reading at the end of 2012. Duma Healthcare Committee head Sergei Kalashnikov charged tobacco lobbyists of delaying the law’s endorsement.

In late October, the government provided to the Duma a bill on banning smoking in public places as of 2015.

The draft law suggests a prohibition on smoking in public places, such as common areas in residential buildings, trains, railway station entrances, stores and restaurants. Besides that, street stores will be banned from selling cigarettes and tobacco products. Only stores with a place greater than 50 square meters will be permitted to sell tobacco products, but they will not be permitted to display them publicly.

In addition, minimum retail costs are predicted to be fixed for all tobacco products. Selling cigarettes and tobacco products to teenagers will also be restricted.

The draft law suggests prohibition of cigarette advertising too, which will demand the advertising legislation to be modified. Aside from that, health warning labels of the consequences of smoking will be placed on cigarette packs in a year. The bill was completed as per the government’s recommendations and decided by all the departments concerned.

The draft law was created by the Healthcare and Development Ministry and is designed to fulfill the World Health Organization’s instructions.

In accordance with the Global Adult Tobacco Survey, Russia is the number-one tobacco consumer around the world. About 43.9 million Russians are smokers, or 39.1% of the population.

The Health Ministry states that the prohibitions will be enforced steadily.

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