Santa Clara County Bans Flavored Tobacco


Santa Clara County, California, wants to introduce Tobacco Retailer Ordinance  which prohibits sale of flavored tobacco products to teens and kids.

These products do attract young people to start smoking. Thus Santa Clara will be first county in western United States to have such a law.

Last week the county’s Board of Supervisors passed a law which bans sale of flavored tobacco products in unincorporated county zones. County spokeswoman Gwen Mitchell says that businesses will be told this week about the change.

Businesses selling tobacco will have 90 days to conform to the new law. According to it, the Department of Environmental Health will perform each year inspections to make sure the flavored tobacco products are sold only in allowed places.

The law should be implemented during 90 days period. There will be launched  Tobacco Violations Reporting Line to report violations of the law.

The Tobacco Retailer Ordinance is aimed to limit sale to young people of tobacco products which do hide harsh taste in e-cigarettes, cigarillos, cigars, pipes, hookah and chewing tobacco with the help of flavors such as chocolate, apple, grape and even menthol. The ordinance does not apply to businesses which sell tobacco products to adult people. Data shows that 80% of retailers sell flavored products, and among them 87% tobacco sellers are located near schools.

Numerous studies demonstrated that most smokers start their habit befire 18. In  Santa Clara County, 12 is most common age when young people try their first cigarette. The new law is expected to reduce smoking rates among youth.

Santa Clara county adopted Tobacco Retailer Permit Ordinance four years ago and it imposes that businesses selling tobacco in unincorporated areas have to obtain an annual county permit to sell tobacco.

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