Scotland Pushing for New Anti-Smoking Bill

Man Smoking in Car

Member of the Scottish Parliament (MSP) told about their intention to push for a law banning smoking in cars where kids are present.

They explain that weekly around 60,000 minors are exposed to secondhand smoke in cars. Adults caught braking the proposed law will be subjected to £100 fines.

Liberal Democrat Jim Hume  speaks about the necessity to protect young people under 18 from negative effects of tobacco smoke in cars. He says:

“It doesn’t seem fair that a child should be cooped up in a smoke-filled car during the school run. ”

The bill was sent to the Scottish Government and it showed its support for the initiative. Though Police of Scotland says that the enforcement of the new law may distract policemen from more serious work, for example, the one dealing with crime and terrorism.

Mr Hume to be asked about his Bill entitled Smoking Prohibition (Children in Motor Vehicles)  by MSPs on Holyrood’s Health Committee in the course of current week.

Mr Hume explains that his proposed law to prohibit smoking in cars where minors are present will help every child to stay in a smoke-free environment.

Data shows that each week nearly 60,000 kids are exposed to secondhand smoke in cars.  Mr Hume says that it is unfair that kids inhale tobacco in the car on their way to school. Those kids cannot change their means of transport and are forced to breathe air full of tobacco, therefore adults should do something about it. He believes that his Bill will be approved.

As to enforcement, the responsability will lie on the police. But Police disagrees with that and wants more details about it.

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