Shisha as Dangerous as Cigarettes

It may be a cool pastime for many young people, but the shisha that burns sweet scented tobacco is as dangerous for your health as smoking cigarettes.

Hookah smoking pipe

People who regularly smoke hookah (shisha) can suffer from harmful levels of carbon monoxide that is similar to sucking on a car exhaust, according to findings presented by the Britain’s Department of Health and the Tobacco Control Collaborating Center.

“We are trying to inform people that if you want to do it, this is the effect it will produce on you,” stated Paul Hooper of the Department of Health.

One session of hookah smoking increases the levels carbon monoxide at five times it is even higher than the amount produced by one cigarette.

Shisha is traditionally smoked in Middle Eastern countries and it has gained its popularity in Britain, with many teenagers smoking the hookah in bars and cafes around the country.

The hookak or shisha pipe that is also known as nargile, operates by burning flavored tobacco on hot coals and affords smokers to suck the hookah through an water vessel placed beneath.

The research showed that the majority of smokers didn’t know about the dangers and didn’t think of shisha as smoking.

Hooper told about a pregnant woman who stopped smoking in order to protect her unborn baby but ontinued smoking hookah. After some tome she was tested for carbon monoxide, the result were horrific – 70 parts per million (ppm) of carbon monoxide, when a heavy smokers usually has 30 ppm.

The great number of Arab population in Britain and a raising number of young Britons often choose shisha bars for their pastime, where they can relax in intimate atmosphere.

Hookah that has such flavors as apple, cappuccino and orange is often though as a safer alternative to smoking cigarettes.

“People do no understand how harmful hookah is. They think that if it is flavored and social then it cool to smoke it. But in fact it is very dangerous,” stated Divya Marwaha, London investment bank employee.

Britain’s smoking ban that come into force in July, 207, obliged sisha cafes to take off the water pipes and also compelled some out of business.

For instance, Helen Murphy, who before the ban owned hookah cafes in London, changed her business into a beauty spa. Murphy said that this ban helped her to stop smoking.

“It is very dangerous for our health. Of course people understand it, but they enjoy the flavored taste of shisha in their mouth,” she noted.

“Each puff of shisha is more than one cigarette, observe how much smoke is coming out from the nose and the mouth, when you take a puff of shisha,” said a waiter at a Middle Eastern restaurant in London.

Both hookah and cigarettes have nicotine; they are smoked different but have the same result.

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