Smoke-Free Initiative in Mason City

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It is considered that the city of Mason, Iowa, has most beautiful parks in the state.

The beauty of park in maintainted by the serious work of a huge team: workers of Parks and Recreation Board and numerous volunteers.

The anti-smoking activists in Mason do push the idea to make parks in the city smoke-free so that people with their kids could breathe fresh air. Prohibiting smoking in parks, and especially behind playgorunds, could help to make them more family friendly.

The Parks and Recreation Board is responsable for introduction of different rules, policies and regulations in parks. Besides this, it takes important decisions on park managenent, therefore activists addressed it.

The major aim of banning smoking in parks is to reduce litter in parks, protect visitors from secondhand smoke exposure, create a healthy environment, promote a healthy lifestyle in the community, discourage young people from smoking.

Today more and more counties and cities across the USA ban smoking in parks and most people do welcome this initiative. Latest data shows that around 967 municipalities in the USA totally banned smoking in their parks, and among them 15 municipalities are in Iowa. Other communities have in parks designated areas where smokers may smoke their Dunhill cigarettes.

Health care providers talk a lot about the effects of secondhand smoke exposure and say that smoking ban in parks is a great initiative. Ecologists in their turn talk about cigarettes butts which is most spread litter in the entire USA, and it presents danger for kids and animals.

A survey by University of Minnesota showed that 70% of respondents do support tobacco-free policies for parks. The same survey demonstrated that smoking ban in parks resulted in significant reduction of litter. It should be said that the Norris Youth Softball Complex is a tobacco-free park in Mason, but anti-smoking activists want all parks in the city to be smoke-free.

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