Smoke-Free Policy at Sharon Housing Authority

Smoker at Balcony

The Sharon Housing Authority, city of Sharon, Massachusetts, has declared that it plans to prohibit use of cigarettes on all its complexes. The changes would come into effect from April, 2015. For the first several months smoking will be permitted at special designated zones.

Major purpose of the initiative is to make all Sharon Housing properties free of smoke. The new policy will be applied to South Pleasant Street and Hixson Farm Road developments.

Housing Director Jane Desberg together with Housing Authority Board of Commissioners took this decision after receiving numerous requests from residents. Also here an important role played surveys which showed that people want to live in smoke-free environments.

AsĀ  Desberg said, great support of citizens, including smokers, helped them to move the idea forward.

Areas designated for smoking will be created on the property and outside from all buildings. Representatives of Sharon Housing Authority told that people will be informed about the change.

The new smoke-free policy does not force smokers quit, it only demands from smokers to not light up on housing properties. They may do it in special designated areas.

According to Desberg, providing healthy environment for residents and their guests is their major task. Smoke-free buildings are safe and everyone will feel himself comfortable here. Moreover, with a 100% smoke-free policy there will be reduced risk for fires.

In summer 2014 there was launched a smoking cessation program for residents. It lasted four weeks and had a great success. In February and March the program will be launced again and smokers who want to quit may benefit from it for free.

With the smoke-free policy the Sharon Housing Authority joins a growing number of public housing authorities which are free of tobacco smoke.

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