Smokers are confronted increased risk of stomach up to 30 years after they quit

The recent study has revealed that smoking increases the chances of stomach cancer.

In accordance with Italian researchers, who analyzed the data of a lot of past studies, there is a risk of this disease even after quitting smoking.


The researches revealed that present smoking people rather than non-smokers were to develop cancer in their gullet or in the gastric cardia.

Some studies possess the data that the risk of esophageal cancer was high even when people had stop smoking 30 years earlier.

7,000 cases of esophageal cancer and 8,200 cases with gastric cancer are revealed in the United Kingdom annually.

The rates of the cancer, known as glandular carcinoma, have been increasing in the USA and Europe. The most current version of this disease supposes that there are increasing rates of obesity.

All the time people consider that smoking is a risk factor for the two cancers. But Dr Eva Negri, senior researcher of the Institute of Pharmacological Research in Milan, assured that these data should be proved by more detailed quantitative analysis.

And above all, these findings underline that the risks are the highest in the defined time after stopping smoking.

Dr Eva Negri told that quitting smoking is greatly favorable at any age, but it seems likely that the risk lessens only by slow pace for the two cancers.

Their study was published in the journal Epidemiology. For it, the team combined and joined the data of 33 preceding studies.

In most of them, researchers had analyzed a small quantity of patients with either gullet or gastric cardia cancers and a group without cancer disease.

Three studies demonstrated that researchers had observed great many of adult people over the long term, adding any new cases of gullet or gastric cardia tumours.

In general, Dr Eva Negri and her researches revealed that present smokers had more chances of developing either gullet or gastric cardia cancers in comparison with people who had never smoked.

And even if taking into account that the risk decreased after people quitted smoking, former smokers have 62 % to develop the stomach cancer. Some studies showed that the additional risk of gullet cancer remained up to 30 years after people had stop smoking.

In accordance with the American Cancer Society, an American has 1 in 200 risk of developing any type of gullet cancer during the life, and 1 in 114 chance of developing some form of stomach cancer.

Comparatively, the chances of developing cancer of the lungs are nearly 1 in 13 for men and 1 in 16 for women. For this estimation both smokers and non-smokers are counted. Smokers have greater risk than non-smokers.

Dr Eva Negri underlined that the cancer of the lungs, circulatory collapse and other illness are numeralwise more significant than gullet and gastric cardia cancers when the question is about the health consequences of smoking.

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One Response to Smokers are confronted increased risk of stomach up to 30 years after they quit

  1. Bob Cole says:

    My uncle died 45 years after he quit smoking. On his death certificate it said that he died of asmoking related disease. I stopped some 32 years ago. Apparently it makes no difference when you stop because any time after one has become a smoker, stopped or not, you’re going to die of a smoking related disease. Think about this before you start and for those of you who are still smoking, think about whether it’s worth all the trouble to stop (it appears the health benefits are marginal). Don’t stop because it’ll make you healthier, stop because you’ll feel better, for a while anyway.

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