Smokers are More Worried About Effect of Smoking on Their Looks


A research made recently found that people who smoke do worry more about the effects smoking has on their appearence than on their health.  It was found that, despite the negative effects of smoking on health, a large percentage of people consider that yellow teeth and wrinkles are more troubling than lung damage.

Also there was found that more than 50% of smokers who quit (or just intend to do this) are worried about damage smoking does to their appearance.
Another study found that 1 in 7 smokers say that they would be more likely to quit if they noticed an effect on how they looked, rather than because their health was suffering.  For more than a quarter this was the reason they have decided to quit smoking for good.

Though it is a well-known fact that smoking damages health, people are less aware that cigarettes can also damage their appearence.  During the research most smokers told that tobacco use had destroyed and namely that worried them most than their health. The main reason for that is that changes in looks are more visible as people look often in the mirror and notice them. Yellow complexion and yellow teeth are more visible than damaged lungs.

In the study participated1,500 current or ex-smokers and it found that 88% of them do regret that they started smoking because it is now showing in their appearance.  The average age when people noticed changes in their appearence is 32. Most of smokers dislike the yellow teeth which destroyed their brilliant white smile. Along with teeth color people dislike the bad smell that appears in their mouth due to smoking. After that go increase in wrinkles, bad skin, stained nails and fingers.

The research also revealed that 8 in 10 smokers are more likely to notice visible effects of smoking rather than what it is doing to their health and body internally.  1 in 3 smokers told that somebody pointed out the effects of tobacco directly to their face.

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