What Smokers Prefer?

About 64% of people who smoke cigarettes and use another tobacco product like country music; 62% like rock and roll. Denise Indovina, vice president at ICOM, a division of Dallas-based Epsilon Targeting, shared the unusual statistics during a session at the NACS Show.

About 72% watch football and 39% enjoy NASCAR, while 49% like to fish and 30% like hunting.

Woman smoking a cigarette in the street

Woman smoking a cigarette in the street

The numbers came from ICOM’s Shopper’s Voice Survey, which included 1.1 million tobacco users. Of them, 92% of respondents smoke cigarettes, 15% smoke cigars and 25% use smokeless products. About 27% claim to use more than one, and 5% use all three.

Indovina also shared that most multi-product users are more than 50 years old, with many coming from the south: Mississippi, Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas and Tennessee were the most common states for multi-product users.

Asked what would happen if their usual brand were not at their store, 49% said they would go to another store. “Out of stocks across any category can mean a lost sale, but certainly with a high value customer like this, you want to make sure multiple out-of-stock occasions aren’t an issue,” she said.

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