Smokers told to butt out after Queen Street Mall ban starts

Lord Mayor Graham Quirk said by 5pm 1037 people were approached by council officers about smoking in the mall.

smoking in the mall

smoking in the mall

All complied with requests to put the cigarette out or move elsewhere, so no one was fined.

Under the ban, which affects the Queen Street Mall and Albert St cross-mall, smokers face a $200 fine if they are caught lighting up.

Council introduced the full ban after a community survey found most residents wanted mall smokers to butt out.

About 1230 people lodged their preference via a council blog, 75 people called the council directly and 700 people filled out feedback forms.

More than 80 per cent of respondents backed a total ban, while less than 10 per cent favoured designated smoking areas. The remainder preferred no ban at all.

“This ban is what the overwhelming majority of Brisbane residents and workers wanted and I’m pleased to see people have gracefully accepted requests to stop smoking in the mall,” Cr Quirk said.

“We will continue with our three-step approach of asking people to first put out the cigarette and will only fine people as a last resort.”

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