A New Debate about Smoking Ban in Bars

A new proposal to prohibit tobacco smoking in Grand Forks’ bars, casinos and traffic stops arrived at the City Council.

For example last week, council participants explained that they’re only launching the new legislation, but unfortunately they had not determined yet if they should pass it now or introduce it before the public city elections on June.

No smoking sign on the brick wall

Anti-smoking researchers found that 75 percent of the public sustain the ban on smoking in bars that is why the new anti-smoking legislation would pass without serious problems.

If the council will decide to pass the law itself, all it would need to do is to pass the ban to a second reading in two week’s time not more. The ban would become in force only if the council voted Yes on the second reading, said scientists.

If the council were to permit the public vote first, it would have to put together a decision requesting for a public vote and send it to the county auditor by April 9th.

Public health authorities are heavily in support of the council passing the law itself and have putted in force at council meetings whenever the new subject ascended.

However bar owners are against this law, but they didn’t tell their opinion to council. The main cause is that they fear the influence on their business as smokers, who accepted it. So, a big part of the bar crowd decided to stay at home.

Public health authorities have adduced increased bar protection only in some countries where smoking bans were installed and the election sustained that dispute.

For example some bar owners, such as Josh Gilleland, owner of Gilly’s, Level 10 and O’Really’s downtown, said that should be such a legislation, but, in the short term, there would be a collapse, and some bars might not accept these changes.

These owners proposed a transition period, and fortunately the council has agreed to this delay of introducing any anti-smoking ban until November 1st.

Bars owners know that bans on smoking in restaurants and even bars can strongly ameliorate the air quality in such places, but they are sure that this legislation will decrease their income.

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