Smoking ban in Liverpool CBD and mall meets resistance

LIVERPOOL Council is considering a ban on smoking in the Liverpool CBD, including Macquarie Mall, but Liverpool Chamber of Commerce president Harry Hunt says it will hurt businesses.

Mr Hunt said the ban might have a detrimental effect on businesses, especially those food outlets where there is outdoor dining.

“The whole idea of outdoor dining is to have it as a place for smokers to go to,” he said.

Mr Hunt said he would prefer a ban on chewing gum to a ban on smoking.

Harry Mazre, Bajro Dedovic and Richard El Najjar discuss the pros and cons of the possible smoking ban in Macquarie Mall

Harry Mazre, Bajro Dedovic and Richard El Najjar discuss the pros and cons of the possible smoking ban in Macquarie Mall

“It would be easier to sweep up the cigarette butts than to clean up all the chewing gum,” he said.

Before making a final decision, the council will prepare a policy in consultation with the Cancer Council, Liverpool Chamber of Commerce, Department of Health and outdoor shop owners and present it at a council meeting in November.

The Champion broke the news last month about Liverpool councillor Gary Lucas’s call to extend the present smoking ban around the play equipment in Macquarie Mall to its outside dining areas and elsewhere in the CBD.

“I don’t like walking down the street when people are blowing smoke in my face,” he said.

A council worker said he picked up about 400 to 500 cigarette butts a day in the mall, even though it was cleaned daily.

“To ban smoking in open air is unbelievable, because it is legal in Australia to smoke outside,” he said. “But the council should enforce the existing laws about littering.”

Bajro Dedovic from Adanalim Kebab and Pizza House, a mall outdoor dining area, said about 80 per cent of his customers smoked.

A non-smoker, Mr Dedovic said a smoking ban would “kill” his business.

A customer at Adanalim, Richard El Najjar, sits with a cigarette in one hand and a coffee in the other.

“If I was told I couldn’t have a smoke here, I wouldn’t come here,” he said.

Aleksandra Obradovic, a former smoker who is a smoker and a customer of Bonafides Cafe Restaurant in Macquarie Mall, said people smoking around her in outdoor dining areas didn’t bother her.

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