Smoking Ban not Enforced Yet in Malaysia

Smoking in Bar

The Health Ministry of Malaysia told last week that smoking ban at all dining establishments in the entire country, including outdoor spaces withot air-conditioning, will be not implemented in the nearest future because curently this is nothing but a suggestion.

In a message left on official ministry’s website, Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr S. Subramaniam wrote that the anti-smoking initiative is “just a suggestion to get the views of the rakyat to see whether they think smoking should be banned in all restaurants”.

Also he told that up to the date there was taken no final decision about the smoking ban in dining areas, but it is clear that the HealthMinistry plans to increase the list of smoke-free public areas in the country.

Subramaniam added that people may leave on the ministry’s website their opinions about the proposed smoking ban.

He points out that Health Ministry of Malaysia prohibited smoking in some shopping malls, in air-conditioned restaurants, and rest-stops.

During the launch of the “Healthy Communities” programme he told that the smoke-free initiatives play an important role in protecting non-smoking people, elderly people and kids from coming in contact with smokers in public spaces. It is well known fact that secondhand smoke exposure has negative effects on health.

Restaurant owners and  coffeeshop associations found these news are bad for them and showed their great oppose to the move, because they say that will lose clients because of the ban. They asked the Ministry to allow them to decide by themselves to ban smoking in their estblishment or not.

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