Smoking Ban to Be Revised in Montgomery

Smoking Woman

Councilmen and Mayor of Montgomery, Alabama, told recently about the proposal to adopt an ordinance which bans smoking in indoor city public places such as clubs, bars, restaurants. Moreover, the ordinance will ban smoking in outdoor places such as parking lots and recreational areas. Smoking is going to be restricted at the distance of 20 feet or more from playgrounds, business entrances, festivals and public transportation stations.

According to Todd Strange, the city Mayor, the proposed smoke-free ordinance is the first step towards reduction of places where people may be exposed to secondhand smoke in the city. The sponsor of the ordinance is councilman C.C. Calhoun.

The ordinance initially was included in the agenda to be voted this week on the council meeting, but Calhoun says voting will be delayed for the next time as the ordinance needs to be revised. It needs to get more support from other council members. There is a need to discuss it with businesses and decide how the ordinance will be enforced, but it is clear that not the Police Department will enforce it.

The present version of ordinance allows smoking in hookah lounges and ciagr bars.

Peter Marlok, the owner of Star Bar, does not welcome the initiave saying that in his opinion smoking should be allowed in bars, because people come there to drink and smoke.

However,  Dr. Stephen Davidson, a medical oncologist and president of the American Cancer Society leadership council in Montgomery, welcomes the initiative and says city will only benefit from it. As to city residents, the majority supports the smoking ban.

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