Smoking Ban on Penang Hill

The Consumers Association of Penang were glad to find out that the state government wants to turn Penang Hill into a nonsmoking area and that Hill will work with the Health Ministry to enact this law.

The only matter is that the whole Penang Hill territory has to be nonsmoking area.

A police officer near smoking ban sign

A police officer near smoking ban sign

The quality of air on the Penang Hill must be saved unpolluted.

In 2009, the state government declared about various actions to address the smoking danger and that it would improve enforcement against smoking people in all public places. Public places included government departments and agencies, and public zones like the Botanical Gardens and the Penang National Park. But, enforcement was often absent.

In 2009, the Consumers Association of Penang had appealed the Federal Government to lay it down as a condition that any new candidate for a government job be a non-smoker.

Firstly, the Federal Government could utter such a declaration.

Then all candidates could mention on the application form that he or she is a non-smoker.

The Government must as well cast a damper and stop step by step smoking among staff currently in public service, especially those who are working in the police, armed forces and the Health Ministry.

Law enforcers and administrators of the health system have to demonstrate exemplary behaviour to Malaysians, especially the teenagers.

Public workers who smoke should be demanded to look for instantaneous treatment at government clinics which suggest “smoking cessation” programs.

Tobacco use is a leading cause of tobacco-related diseases and death in Malaysia. Tobacco smoke contains more than 4,000 chemicals. These substances either cause cancer or are toxic or serve as irritants.

Smoking is worldwide considered as one of the main causes of cancer. According to the government hospital data, lung cancer is the most common form of disease among males. Smoking is one of the leading causes of lung cancer.

The rate of smoking people is very increased. Approximately half of all Malaysian adult males are smokers. A research conducted in 1999 revealed that about one in five Malaysian youth smoked. About 50 teenagers said that they had the smoking habit and had been smoking tobacco products every day.

Smoking is a cause of at least nearly 10,000 deaths per year, not mentioning the huge costs – running into billions of ringgit – to cure diseases related to tobacco. The Penang government must assume precise measures to fight against the tobacco danger and have not to adapt smoking people for account of the health of nonsmoking people.

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