Smoking on Decline Worldwide

Smoking Woman

Due to anti-smoking campaigns, in many countries smoking rates are declining.

The World Health Organization (WHO) presented a report on global tobacco use.

Health experts examined the report and say that the global smoking epidemic had been reversed, mainly in Asian region.

According to Health Asec. for Technical Services Paulyn Jean Ubial, smoking rates are declining, even in Philippines. In 2008 there were 24% smoking adults in  Philippines, and in 2013 there were already 22%.

She also noted that this is the first time in history when smoking rates go down worldwide. Ubial explains that the decline occured due to common ratification of WHO-initiated Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC), the world’s first treaty on public health, which imposes countries to fight smoking. Countries which signed the treaty are obliged to implement tobacco control measures, and prohibit tobacco ads and smoking in public spaces.

Some countries have introduced graphic health warning on cigarette packages and imposed higher taxes for tobacco products.

Ubial is expecting more people to quit smoking in Philippines with the introduction of higher taxes on tobacco and large graphic health warnings.

Experts say that increase of tobacco taxes is most effective method to fight smoking, because less people will spend their money on expensive tobacco products. For example, in Philippines are sold cheapest cigarettes worldwide and they are affordable for everyone — that is the main reason for high smoking rates in this country. The country is recommended to raise the tax from present 30% to 75%.

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