Smoking Rates Increased in Some US States

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Latest study by US government reveals that smoking rates in half of American states continue to lower. However, some states show an increase in smoking rates. Most of all researchers are worried that smokers combine different kinds of tobacco, for example they use traditional cigarettes and smokeless tobacco.

Brian King, acting deputy director for research translation in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Office on Smoking and Health, told that some progress in smoking rates drop is reported between 2011 and 2013, but there was not observed a big change in use of cigarettes and smokeless tobacco across a number of the US states.

King is worried about the fact that more people are using different kinds of tobacco, because they get higher amount of nicotine and as a result are much more dependent on this substance. Those people are less likely to quit.

Data shows that in 2011 totally 21% American adults smoked while in 2013 only 19%.

Different states have different smoking rates. For example, in 2013 lowest smoking rate of 10% was registered in Utah while highest smoking rate of 27% was in West Virginia.

As to use of smokeless tobacco, in 2013 only 1.5% used it in Massachusetts and the District of Columbia, but more than 9% of people in West Virginia did. Between ages 2011 and 2013 cigarette smoking dropped in 26 American states. Use of smokeless tobacco dropped only in Tennessee and Ohio, and increased in South Carolina,  Louisiana, West Virginia and Montana.

Use of both smokeless tobacco and cigarettes has increased in Idaho,  New Mexico, Delaware, Nevada and West Virginia.

King says that there are various effective methods which makes people quit. Here the talk is about increasing prices on tobacco products, smoking bans, raising legal age to buy cigarettes and anti-smoking campaigns.

The report was published May 22 in the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report.

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