Smoking Rates Still High in China

Smoking Woman

Recently the WHO released a report which showed that smoking rates in China are still high. The organization insists that China should implement more anti-smoking measures in order to reduce smoking rates in the country. For example, China need to use graphic warnings on cigarette packages to fight the tobacco epidemic as it proved to be a quite effective measure.

It was estimated that today there are around 300 million smokers in China. 30% of adults smoke and among them 53% are males. The proportion of smokers has remained the same since 2006. However, with the population increase, China gained almost 100 million smokers between 1980 and 2012.

Increasing wealth allows smokers to consume more tobacco products. Data shows that in 1972 an average smoker consumed 730 cigarettes annually and in 2013 this figure increased to 6,200 cigarettes. Health care providers are worried with these numbers.

However, the Chinese authorities do not hurry to reduce the number of smokers. The fact is that tobacco companies do contribute almost 10% to total annual central government revenues. In these conditions, health experts recommend government to look at the data obtained from studies and take it into consideration.

A simple and most effective way to reduce tobacco consumption is by introduction of images on packs showing the effects of smoking. Such packs with health warnings were introduced in Australia and its example proved to be effective. Data shows that most Chinese do not know about the effects of smoking on human body and theferore smoking remains a favorite habit of Chinese. Today the only warning on cigarette packs in China says that smoking is hazardous to your health.

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