South Florida Banned Smoking in Apartments


If you plan to go this summer to South Florida and rent there an apartment, you should be aware that smoking is no longer allowed inside the housing buildings.

Gradually apartment managers in the region make some properties free of tobacco smoke and this expands to individual units.

Frances Nolan, representing Equity Residential, one of the nation’s largest apartment owners, told that they have got positive comments from residents on the ban because they understand the importance of healthy environment in their homes.

Equity is based in Chicago and it has 13 South Florida rental projects that go smoke-free, including the 324-unit Oasis Delray Beach and the 247-unit Midtown 24 Apartments in Plantation.

Equity adopts a smoke-free policy in any of its multi-unit housing if 60% of residents show their support for it. Totally Equity owns13,000 units in South Florida and 3,500 of them are already smoke-free. In those units existing residents may use cigarettes until the expiration of their rent and they must agree to not smoke inside their apartment if they want to extend their lease.

According to  Matthew Competiello, Fort Lauderdale-based manager of health programs for the American Lung Association in Florida, tougher anti-tobacco measures are now being implemented across South Florida and more apartments do not allow smoking inside.

The American Lung Association also workes with Catholic Housing Management which made some housings smoke-free, and with Associated Estates, owner of The Edge at Flagler Village in Fort Lauderdale. In some smoke-free apartments smoking is not allowed even on balconies while others provide designated areas for smokers.

In some housings e-cigarettes are banned from use while other allow to use them. The FDA says that e-cigarettes should be regulated just like regular cigarettes because they are dangerous. The American Lung Association totally supports this idea.

Smoking bans have their positive effect. Thus according to data by Centers for Disease Control, smoking rates in the USA dropped from 42% in 1965 to 19% in 2011.

Smoking in the USA is not allowed on airplanes, in restaurants, in schools and workplaces. Now is time to not allow it in homes.

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