Do Sport Without Smoking or Using Smokeless Products!

Unfortunately the baseball players can’t accept the smoking ban because they can’t say No to cigarettes and smokeless tobacco products.

Baseball players smoking

Most of baseball players sustain the Tobacco Industry. For example they have supplied a lot of advertisings for free especially for tobacco companies more than a decade, from the pictures of Nellie Fox with a maxilla full of smokeless tobacco to the round outlines of descends can show completely players’ back pockets. In this way they think that they look like real heroes.

As it is known smokeless tobacco can harm the teeth and mouth health. The people’s look is a very important thing, so, their teeth and mouth also are very important. However, more and more people and even sportsmen continue to use such harmful products.

Of course, nobody suspected that Tobacco Companies have only one main goal – to increase their income without thinking of their products effects.

Researchers found recently that pouches of chewing tobacco are not used by all people. More frequently these products are the first choice of those who still feel the nicotine craving and who want to quit.
Probable the main League of Baseball will accept the smokeless tobacco ban soon.

The Vice President Rob Manford considers that the proposed ban is “a laudatory goal” to ameliorate the players’ health.

A former catcher, Joe Garagiola declared: “Why can’t baseball and the players’ group right here get together and prohibit it? Take it off the field. Tobacco is tobacco is tobacco. … Get it out of the game.”

The same legislation was accepted even in 1993. And it had positive results, especially among baseball players.

However not all the players are agree with the new law which outlawed all the smokeless tobacco. For example a Harvard University professor said that unlike steroids, tobacco is legal. So, neither the government nor baseball has any business controlling the legal things.

Giants’ reliever Jeremy Affeldt declared: “If it’s legal in the United States of America, you can’t say to someone that he/she can’t use it. It’s a free country.” He can’t understand why smokeless tobaccos were prohibited but the other harmful products like alcohol and fast food are still legal.

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